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[DIR] Home Directory 11-Oct-2005 15:19 - [IMG] Potter 2005 Labor Day weekend - 2005 [IMG] Potter 2003 Kyle's first deer [IMG] brdeer0.JPG 11-Oct-2005 15:22 123k B. Snyder with nice buck [IMG] brdeer1.JPG 11-Oct-2005 15:23 133k Unusual Rack [IMG] brdeer2.JPG 11-Oct-2005 15:21 169k [IMG] jeffAir.jpg 11-Oct-2005 15:25 185k Bear Hunting Aerial [IMG] jefftopo.jpg 11-Oct-2005 15:24 139k Bear Hunting topo [IMG] BearJaimelynn.jpg 11-Oct-2005 16:55 108k Bear on boat with guide Jaimelynn [IMG] Bearteeth.jpg 11-Oct-2005 16:56 127k Bear's teeth [IMG] Paulbear.jpg 11-Oct-2005 16:57 140k Paul with bear on boat [IMG] Paultree.jpg 11-Oct-2005 16:59 141k Paul's Bear in tree [IMG] VernBear.jpg 11-Oct-2005 16:58 154k Vern's Bear