Semi-Finals: Allentown "Blues" 12 - Lansdale Catholic 8

Championship-Finals: Allentown "Blues" 3 - Media United 0

Allentown played a great early morning game with L.C. and this hard fought battle was decided as Captain Jared Benedict finished off two Trys and led as the Blues rumbled all over the back line for long gains. But DEFENSE was the name of the game in this and the Media final to win the EPRU Div II Playoffs. (no trophies or even T-shirt awareness of our existence)

In the final with Media, the Allentown pack made up for our only loss by stuffing the Media forwards and their power attack. FAR TOO MANY PENALTIES CALLED AGAINST US! Fortunately, Media forwards kept running at us and did not kick goal on many of these calls. Give credit and kudos to Media for going for the win late in the game. All in all, we prevailed through good support and linkage between the pack and the backs. GREAT DEFENSE & POWER RUNNING! Another superb game by our backrow. Frontrow won much ball and is becoming stable. Mauling was more effective but rucks need more cohesion. Lineouts improved. Great team effort. Comments welcome.

Scoring in L.C. Match: Jared Benedict (2T); and, Dave Dotterer (C).

Scoring in Media Match: Dave Dotterer (PK).

Next Game Weds. May 12, 2004 at Cumberland Valley.

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