April 24, 2005: Allentown "Blues" 17 - Troop 5

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We started slow but settled down well!

We played the first half into their forwards' strength. The backrow [lead by #7] repeatedly 'stacked' behind the FH stopping our line movements. We executed and passed poorly. The pack settled down toward end of half and began playing their game as they re-cycled more ball. Halftime score: 0-0.

We improved in the 2nd half. The forwards began to 'power' the ball, as Josh finished a play with a good run and Try for 5-0 lead. Alas 8 mins later, #7 broke away from midfield to knot the score 5-5. Shortly after, Jared made a great cross-field run, linked with Josh who carried and passed to Justin for another pretty try. Mark converted for 12-5 lead.

We began to dominate as the forwards took over. Serge worked hard and setup a maul to spring Jake on a long run. Josh took his pass and rumbled on, passes -to- Justin and on -to- Sam finished off this >45 yd play for a 17-5 score. The 'Tight 5' prevailed, as Jake had another good run, finished off by Matt in support [fell yds short of a try]. We closed out the game in control.

Scoring Recap:
Josh (5pts-TRY); Justin (5-T); Sam (5-T); and Mark (2-C)

Hats off to a great undefeated season!

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