April 10, 2005: Allentown "Blues" 29 - So. Jersey 5

"Blues" Game Pix

We continue to play well, as good support, linkage and the outstanding play of IC Buc lead us to another win!

The game started slow as both teams felt each other out. Suddenly Copey found some running room from #8 linking up offensive charges with Buc for some sizeable gains and momentum. These endeavors paid off as crisp passing from Buc -to- Caz -to- CR (T) gave us our first try. Mark converted and we were on our way. Great job of backs running straight upfield with forwards in support.

We disturbingly continued to lose scrums! Chad made several BR runs including one for 35 yds taking us out of trouble. Tight forwards linked with our BR support all day. Most notable at this time was Jake, who showed great hustle. Matt continues to dominate mauling with durable finishing runs. Buc made another good run combined with crisp passing (Caz, CR) to setup a hustling Jake for a try (what a prop supporting this cross field play from prior end of lineout coverage). We took a 12-0 halftime lead.

We made some adjustments and scrums improved but we suffered a defensive breakdown [what may have been our first this year] early in the second half, yielding a try on a good So Jersey run. Five minutes later, Mark 'nailed it' from >35 yards on one of our few PKs to put us up 15-5. As forward support and linkage prevailed, Buc scored on a good run 'against the grain' after a great setup pass from Casey. Mark converted for 22-5 lead. So Jersey Defense remained solid though middle of second half but we showed our strength. Good plays include: long run Buc-CR-Buc; midfield "rainbow" executed for long gain by Phil; several good backline moves passing to the W; constant D pressure; and, closed out with a great cutback try by Jared that Mark converted. Final score 29-5.

Scoring Recap:
Mark (9pts-PK,3C); CR (5-Try); Jake (5-T); Buc (5-T); and, Jared (5-T).

Hats off to good club and team effort!

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