April 03, 2005: Allentown "Blues" 50 - Hibernians 12

We executed our game plan and dominated this game!

The first 10-15 mins. found their physical forwards 'bogging down' our line and back row plays, until Caz broke one down the left side. Five mins. later, CR made a nifty move at OC and took one home from 40 yds. We were in control and on our way, as we passed the ball to W early.

Josh scored as he broke a long one from the BR up the middle of the field. A great run [and subsequent pass] by Buc setup another nifty try by CR. As the half played out, Matt rumbled on a +30 yd try from the center of the pack that Cassidy would have been proud of. Peter's frequent charges from LW paid off with a corner try closing out the half. Mark Bus kicked well converting 4 times. All this leading to our 38-0 1st half lead.

We started our remaining players in 2nd half on coaches' decision to not play B game. We started poorly and got beat several times on blindside and BR plays, allowing two early 2nd half trys before we settled down. Josh scored again and Phil converted before Justin [played great game @FB but should have passed a few times!] battled one in to the goal and closed out the high scoring day.

Scoring Recap:
CR (10pts-2TRYS); Josh (10-2T); Mark (8-4C); Matt (5-T); Peter (5-T); Justin (5-T); and Phil (2-C)

Hats off to good club and team effort!

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